SENZE Massage Candle Ecstatic 50ml

Treat yourself and your love life to a wonderful massage candle from Swedish Sweden. This herbal aphrodisiac is a fine blend of vegetable waxes, shea, oils and extracts. Swede massage candles have been carefully perfumed with exclusive, natural essential oils to create feelings of well-being and passion. Light the candle and feel the seductive scent of flowers, herbs and fruits. After 15-20 minutes, the ingredients have turned into a smooth, nourishing and moisturizing massage oil. Turn off the light, gently drip the oil on the body and experience a pleasant feeling of warm oil massage. Easy to dose without spilling and practical closure. Jasmine Neroli Ylang Ylang
არტიკული: SENZE Massage Candle Ecstatic 50ml


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